A few of the place we frequent, to help guide and inform you.


TheSudbury Shutterbugs Photo Club

The Porcupine Photo Club

Fred’s Photo Club Listings

Canadian Geographic Photo Club

Gear Review


Snapsort (Another head to head camera comparison)

Photozone (The BEST!!!! lens review site I have found, they are very thoughtful, and have a large selection of lenses)

Rumour Sites

Photo Rumours

Nikon Rumours

Canon Rumours

Sony Rumours

Pentax Rumours

4/3 Rumours

Software (free)

Gimp (Recommended)


Software (full cost copies)

Adobe regular store (Photoshop, Photoshop elements, Lightroom)

Paint Shop Pro

Aperture (Mac Only)

Software (student versions)

Adobe Education store (Photoshop, Photoshop elements, Lightroom)

Paint Shop Pro

Online Photo editors

Top 10 (An article on the Top 10 photo editors that are online)

Printing Resources

Sudbury Costco ICC Profile (Allows for on screen proofing before printing)


Art of Photography iTunes

PhotoTips iTunes

PhotoWalkthrough iTunes

Photography 101 iTunes

Sudbury School of Photography 2017